Graze: A snack for summer

Published in The Boar, July 2013

Helen Cobby samples a Graze snack box and shares her thoughts…

Graze – the snack sensation sweeping the nation – is definitely the way to go. You can order and customize your own lunch box, filled with healthy and delicious snacks, and it will be delivered to you in a matter of days. It is a creative, quirky, and deliciously tasty collection of snacks guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It redefines mail as magnificent and modern. Who wouldn’t like a surprise present popped through their letterbox every now and again?

Graze is perfect for all of us busy people constantly on the go. And it is a saviour when you need something to keep you going during those long afternoons in the library.

But one of the most important things (and reason that I am such a fan) is that Graze is FUN. It has the special gift of making food fun and enticing while also being a healthy alternative to other snacks. Part of the fun is in its quirky presentation and its inclusion of a collection of deconstructed classics, such as apple crumble and summer pudding. The packaging, I feel, is similar to ‘Apple’ in that it is completely seductive in its elegant simplicity and accessibility. Graze is an entrepreneurial product that I suspect we all wish we had invented ourselves!

Portion sizes are modest at times but sufficiently satisfying. In a society where most of us eat far more than we need, they remind us what a normal snack or treat portion should be and that we don’t need oversized amounts. Graze makes us savour each mouthful and appreciate real food. It is quality (and fun) that counts here, not quantity. This makes Graze perfect as light snacks for hot summer days when you don’t want to eat stodgy food. They also do seasonal produce to encourage a summer spirit (even if the sun has yet to come out!)

Each snack is given ‘health stars’ or certain symbols to indicate its nutritious content. The calorie content is also included – though discretely enough for those of us (like me) who do not want (or care) to know.

Graze presents itself as a miniature balanced diet in a box – you will always receive a mixture of some of the following: nuts, dried fruit, fresh dips, rice crackers, olives, mini cakes, chocolaty treats, healthy popcorn and seeds. Watch out for the flapjacks – they are fabulous! There is a good balance between savoury and sweet options.

You can choose what you want and rate all products, or let yourself be taken by surprise. Each choice you make can easily be updated online so you are never stuck with one decision. Graze also keeps adding new products and perfecting their ideas. At the moment, I’ve got an eye on their new brownies! (They are made with almonds, which makes them healthier than normal brownies – though more decadent!)

You can also send gifts to your friends and family. I’ve found it does get people sharing their delight in Graze, as well as in healthy treats and creative cooking generally. I don’t think it is possible for any product to inspire more enthusiasm about food or to encourage a more generous and social spirit.

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