Effortless ways to eat more healthily at university

Published in The Student Journals

One of the dishes I made for my family this summer in preparation for more adventurous cooking back at uni!

One of the dishes I made for my family this summer in preparation for more adventurous cooking back at uni!

This September my sister and I are both going to uni. She is starting undergraduate study whilst I will be doing a postgraduate degree. Recently, we have been discussing how we can try and eat healthily at university – my sister wants to get a good routine going from the start and I am desperately trying to think of ways to break bad eating habits from my undergraduate self-catered days and replace them with practical, healthily and quick solutions. So I have come up with a list of suggestions that will hopefully make healthy eating at uni realistic, varied and fun.

1. Draw up a practical plan

From past experience, I know it is easy to fall into the trap of eating the same old things thus restricting your intake of different vitamins and nutrients. To combat this, i recommend making a timetable of what you plan to eat each evening. The idea of making a timetable does seem a bit regimented so I suggest just keeping it as a sketch or guideline in your head. This will make you more conscious of whether you are getting enough variety in your meals as well as making your food shop more focused and therefore cheaper. You will not be buying or wasting food.

2. Indulge in window shopping

As students we definitely can’t always afford to eat out at cafes, but I recommend browsing several to gather ideas for how to make sandwiches, or quick hot meals such as jacket potatoes, more exciting. This could be in terms of the type of ingredients, their combination, or even the presentation of the meals themselves.

3. Pick those portion sizes

This is very important for healthy eating and reminds us that it is not just what you eat, but how much of it you are eating that matters. Particularly for new self catered students who are about to buy their cooking equipment, make sure the utensils, especially bowls, are not too big. I fell into the trap of buying huge breakfast bowls and before fully realising this was constantly on fused why the cereal kept running out so fast.  Continue reading

Ready… Steady… Cook!

Published in The University of Warwick Student newspaper, The Boar, in November 2012

Great excitement! The homemade food shop COOK has arrived at Leamington Spa. Located on Warwick Street in the heart of the town, this authentic and bordering-on-gourmet food outlet is not to be missed.

As well as providing authentic, genuine home-cooked ready meals, this trendy parlour comes equipped with extremely friendly staff who are always ready to offer you tasters and nibbles whilst you browse.  Continue reading