Behind the scenes at a bridal boutique

This interview is published on Wedding Ideas Magazine

I interviewed Jessica Letheren at ‘Allison Jayne’ bridal boutique in Clifton, Bristol. Besides running ‘Allison Jayne’, Jessica is studying business in Swansea.

P1020426How did you get into this business?

Allison Jayne is my family business, which was started forty years ago in Swansea. We are all from Swansea. Twenty years later they opened another shop in Cardiff. Then we opened on the triangle eighteen months ago.

What are the best bits of being in this business?

The selling is the best bit without a doubt. In this business you are always dealing with happy brides. Developing the customer’s trust is also hugely rewarding.

What are the hardest bits?

What is hard is having to chase things up under time pressure. Some clients only come in a few weeks before the wedding and leave things until the last minute. So dealing with close deadlines is stressful. It is a lot of responsibility.

P1020407How many dresses would you advise a bride-to-be to try on?

On average people try on about ten dresses, although for some people it can be the first one or go up a lot higher. The most someone has tried on is 25! Occasionally people try this number on over a period of a few visits.  Continue reading

Five top tips to control your wedding day nerves

This article is published on Wedding Ideas Magazine

The pressure of wanting things to be just right can produce lots of nerves and anxiety leading up to your wedding as well as on the actual day itself. Here are some suggestions for helping to reduce these (natural) feelings, and to relax and make the most of your day!

1 Think positive

Instead of reading into others’ reactions to your ideas and preparations for the wedding, try the ultimate positive thinking technique and assume support. Everyone wants you to have a beautiful day, so remember you are all working towards the same goal. This will take the pressure off others as well as yourself. It will also create more time for you and your wedding helpers to concentrate on your fabulous plans. Remember, a ‘can-do’ attitude is infectious, so thinking and acting positive will make those around you more inclined to help sort any planning problems and make your dream day a reality.  Continue reading